Today we looked at some Atlas’s from Asia, Europe, North and South America. We discovered so many signs and symbols! Then we compared them to each other and signs and symbols on our world map.

For genius hour we did some researching about rainbows. We learned how they form and some interesting facts. Such as nobody sees the exact same rainbow at the same time. Then students used different materials to create their own rainbows 🙂

October 26, 2020

K/1 has been busy the past two weeks inquiring into fast animals. Today they presented their posters/findings to the class.

We also had a special visitor today. Aster the bunny came to visit with Mrs. Schwartz. Mrs. Schwartz read a story about problem solving then we had the chance to hold Aster☺️

October 23,2020

K/1 has been looking at signs and symbols all week! We did a sign sort where students worked in groups to match the sign to its meaning. They did so well with this!! There were only a few signs that were new to them!

October 8,2020

Today was the last day for our drive. We collected lots of items! The students really enjoyed being a part of this and I know the other classes will appreciate the extra supplies. Thank you to everyone that donated! We collected 17 boxes of tissues, 17 containers of Clorox wipes, 24 rolls of paper towels, and 22 bottles of hand sanitizer. We even collected some other useful items like baby wipes and disposable masks.