December 5,2022

Our current unit is all about traditions and celebrations. Today we learned about Chinese New Year. We learned that the celebration begins between December and February. It starts when there is a a new moon and ends when there is a full moon. We also learned about foods and parades in China. Lanterns are a sign of good luck in the new year also. So of course we had to make our own lanterns today!


November 17,2022

Today 1st and 2nd grade had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Simon speak about “Guy Fawkes” He explained the history of this special event as well as shared how him and his family use to celebrate it. The students were so interested and has so many inquiring questions. Be sure to ask your kiddo what they learned!

November 12,2022

First grade has been busy this week. Some students finished up their genius hour projects and presented them to the class. We also came together as a school to make cards for veterans. Make sure to ask your kiddo about this wonderful experience!

October 18,2022

First and second grade has been learning about the Cuyahoga River fires from years ago. We learned about the river and what caused the fires as well as how long it took to clean the river up. Today we watched an experiment that represented the river when it caught on fire. The students were very intrigued!

October 11,2022

First grade started some research on natural resources today. Reach group was given a natural resource and some books about it. They are working on creating some posters to share with the class. They will tell what their natural resource is used for, where it comes from, why it’s important, and how we can work to help take care of it.

October 4,2022

Today some students took action by cleaning up trash on the playground. These students brought in bags from home and discussed why they wanted to do this with the class.

We also had some special visitors today. Mrs. Schwartz and Mr. Simon came to read us the story “ The Tortoise and the Hare.” They even brought Aster( the hare) and Esio( the tortoise)! This was very fitting of our last unit about fables🙂

September 8,2022

What a busy week in first grade! We’ve been looking at language and how it motivates action. In math we have been learning about tally marks and data charts. We played Rock, Paper, Scissors with partners and tallied our turns. Today we looked at shapes and how we can use them to create other shapes or objects.

And like always we throughly enjoy our adventures in the woods!