September 23,2020

K/1 students have been busy bees. We are preparing for a school wide drive that they are putting together. Our current unit of inquiry is about rights and responsibilities within our community. They have decided to take in the responsibility of collecting some urgent items. These items will be available to all of the classes at Discovery school. We will begin collecting paper towels, hand sanitizer, tissues, and clorox wipes. The drive will begin on Monday September 28 and end on October 8th.

K/1 students have been preparing advertisement posters as well as a short video to share information with other classes. They are so excited!

September 21,2020

For genius hour today we inquired into fish. We learned lots about them as well as how they are similar to frogs. The students had so much fun touching live fish! Be sure to ask them about the life cycle of a fish and a frog as well as how they are similar🙂

September 10,2020

Today we shared our ” All About Me” papers with someone in class. We learned a lot about each other. We also played a game with a partner in math. The game was comparing numbers.( larger &smaller)

Last, we began learning about rights today. We learned that there is a difference between a right and a responsibility.