April 17,2019

Yesterday’s field trip to Kroger was a success! The kiddos really enjoyed learning about how this business is run. They had the opportunity to tour the store as well as ask questions along the way. Thank you to all the parents that were able to join us! ( drivers)

In class we are working on our own business. We will be putting on a bake sale at the town meeting next Friday. ( April 26) Everyone is welcome to join:)


April 9,2019

First grade has been working on fiction writing. These kiddos have quite the imagination, and I am really enjoying their stories. Today they began fiction stories with partners and are very excited about this😊


To wrap up our last unit ( art communicates ideas) and begin our new unit( marketplaces,goods,services) we had an art show/sale in the classroom. Students put prices on their art pieces and then were given so much money to spend. They had to make decisions as to whether they had enough money to purchase what they wanted as well as how many items they could purchase with the amount of money they were given.

February 22,2019

Today’s field trip to the Art Center was awesome! The students got a chance to look at a lot of different art work and choose their favorites as well as try to determine what the artists were trying to communicate through their art.

February 8,2019

This week we have looked at lots of different types of art as well as picked some favorites. We did some black and white art as well as some picture sorts in groups. Then we discussed what we thought each artist was trying to communicate through their art work.