January 15,2019

Today in math we worked with partners to find matching sums. Students each had number models to solve and their partners had models to solve as well. They then had to find equal sums.


January 9,2019

Today and yesterday we talked about the importance of a brochure. Students made their own brochures based on their favorite places to visit. Next week they will be making brochures about migration as part of their summative assessments.

December 18,2018

Today we did an activity in the gym that involved challenges that come with migration. Students were asked to create a snowman. There were stations throughout the gym with resources them to use. They realized that they had to share some resources, work together, and be very patient at times.

November 29,2018

Last week we read the book ” We Are All Dots.” After discussing how everyone is different and sees things differently each student pained themselves as a dot.

Today we looked at some different pictures of migration. In groups the students did a See, Think, Wonder about their pictures and thorn shared their pictures with the rest of the class.

November 12,2018

To kick off our new unit Where We Are In Place And Time…central idea: opportunities and challenges affect human migration, the students came into the classroom this morning to find it destroyed. We discussed that we wouldn’t be able to have class in our room so they had to move ( migrate) to other classrooms while I put our room back together. When the students came back we discussed how they felt being I other classes and not owing what they were doing as well as reasons why people move ( migrate) to other areas.