May 20,2020

First graders have been busy outdoors during the beautiful weather we had last week. They have been making wind chimes out of things they find in nature. First graders have also been providing different services to family members. ( cooking, cleaning, laundry etc)

May 11,2020

First graders have been busy learning about marketplaces and how they serve the needs and wants of a community. We’ve been looking at grocery receipts and pricing of items, as well as where items come from and the difference between a producer and a consumer.

First graders also created their own stores last week. Their stores included items with prices and labels. They then shared their stores with classmates through zoom.

April 21,2020

First graders started a new unit Yesterday. Our central idea is: A marketplace serves the news and wants of a community. We kicked off this unit by learning the difference between a ” need” and a ” want.”

April 15,2020

Just some random pictures of 1st grade learning this week. We are finishing up our current unit. Students have been creating their own simple machines, games, and sketches of machines. They have been doing some review with halves and fourths in math as well as some scavenger hunts.


1st graders have been busy learning about Rube Goldberg and some of his machines. They have also been writing about nature, working with money and creating graphs from data they collect.

April 3,2020

We did it! We made it through week 2! You guys are all so awesome!! I’m so happy with our Zoom meeting yesterday. It was so nice to see everyone. If you weren’t able to join we will be doing one weekly so there will be more opportunities.

First graders have been busy researching machines, practicing sight words in different ways, keeping up with a nature journal and trying to get outside to just enjoy the weather when possible.