March 27

Well we made it through the first week of online schooling. Awesome job parents and students!!! I’m so proud of all of you. I’m sure it has been challenging for everyone. Please continue to stay in contact with me and keep the pictures coming 🤗

March 26,2020

Here are some. scavenger hunt pictures as well as some play doh making pictures and ” If I were president” writings…

March 25,2020

Thank you so much parents for all the pictures today. I love seeing everything they’ve worked on and of course seeing their faces that I miss so so much😊

The simple machines look awesome! And I’m glad everyone enjoyed the scavenger hunts and play doh making. Great job everyone! Keep it up!! We WILL get through this!

March 12,2020

First grade has been busy looking at ways creativity/imagination cultivates learning. This week we looked at some YouTube videos of Strandbeest. These are structures made from pvc pipe and tubing and they are wind powered. If you have time I highly suggest checking them out on YouTube. The kids are very interested in them and they are amazing!

Today we began making our own strandbeest out of straws in small groups.