May 22,2021

K/1 has been very busy creating/ putting together their classroom marketplace. I am amazed with their creative little minds every day. They have needed little guidance. Sone items they have created for the store are… hats made from paper plates, pet rocks, book marks, coloring books, bracelets made from rubber bands, fortune tellers, pencil holders, paintings, fans, etc ( all made by them).

April 16,2021

K/1 has been busy enjoying the beautiful weather and wrapping up our unit on imagination and how it helps people to learn. Students are finishing up their summative projects. They were asked to create something new that they can learn something from.

March 16,2021

K/1 were busy bees yesterday. For genius hour they worked in groups based on their interests. There was a jewelry making group, an origami group, a furniture making group (using cardboard boxes) and a baking group. Everyone was so engaged and worked so well together!

March 9,2021

K/1 has been busy learning how imagination can lead to learning. This week we started looking at simple machines. Today students worked in small groups to try to create a simple machine using materials they were given( very limited). They did great!

March 3,2021

With our new unit of inquiry we have been learning about the different ways people learn. Today we looked at our favorite board games. We looked at how they were played as well as if we could figure out how to play them without directions.

February 22,2021

K/1 had a blast playing in the snow today! We will be going outside when the temp is above 20 so please make sure your child has boots, snow pants, hats, gloves and a full change of clothes at school ( including socks ).