September 8,2021

Today 1st grade had the opportunity to meet Farmer Andy and learn all about honey bees. We learned about pollination and how honey is made, as well as how it’s collected from hives. We had the opportunity to taste different kinds of honey and vote for our favorite one. Be sure to ask your kiddos what they learned today. They had so much fun! Also be sure to check out the ” Waggle Dance” on YouTube ( shows how bees communicate).

September 2,2021

Today 1st grade had the opportunity to use a new classroom tool. We ordered some “Boogie Boards.” These are taking the place of our individual dry erase boards. The kiddos absolutely loved them! They come with a stylus and instead of having to erase them you push a button and they erase. We used them for math today and and the kids didn’t want to put them down. We will definitely be using them a lot this year😊