May 31,2019

Last day of school festivities 😊


May 15,2019

After a long morning of reading assessments we were able to enjoy the beautiful weather while having some writing time outside today.

May 10,2019

With our current unit we are looking at how everything is made of matter. Today we explored with oobleck( cornstarch and water) After making oobleck we noticed that when it was in the container is looked like a solid, but when we picked it up with our hands and became a liquid. This experiment led us into discussions about heat, evaporation, solids, liquids and of course matter.

April 28,2019

Our bake sale was a huge success!!! We raised $90.84 and still have some treats left that we will sell this week. We will be donating this money to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Thank you to everyone involved: parents who donated ingredients/bought treats, students and teachers, Mrs. Schwartz and Mr. Simon. Without our school community it wouldn’t have been possible😊


April 17,2019

Yesterday’s field trip to Kroger was a success! The kiddos really enjoyed learning about how this business is run. They had the opportunity to tour the store as well as ask questions along the way. Thank you to all the parents that were able to join us! ( drivers)

In class we are working on our own business. We will be putting on a bake sale at the town meeting next Friday. ( April 26) Everyone is welcome to join:)

April 9,2019

First grade has been working on fiction writing. These kiddos have quite the imagination, and I am really enjoying their stories. Today they began fiction stories with partners and are very excited about this😊